Unfortunately the commune has received several negative returns from SIERS recycling plant. It would appear that not all residents in our commune are adhering to the rules and regulations on recycling and have been abusing the bins provided.

As a reminder please use : The blue bin for recyclable rubbish including cardboard, paper, plastic milk carton and bottles and The brown bin for household waste. ( but not green garden waste which should be taken to the “déchèterie” in La souterraine The specially provided bins for glass, batteries and waste oil.

In addition, when using the containers located near the stadium, the council requests that you place rubbish in the bins provided and not leave them on the ground next to the bins. Not only does this make the area untidy but it becomes a health hazard, and lastly but not least if it carries on SIERS will stop emptying them and they will be removed.

Please consider others and respect the environment and dispose of your waste responsibly and further respect the ‘citizen eco-gesture’.

For those who may not have noticed, there is now a ‘bin’ next to the glass recycling for recycled clothing and shoes, again please use this facility sensibly