The UPSAV (Prevention Units, for the Monitoring and Analysis of older people) were established in 2009 following an initiative led by the University Hospital of Limoges. These units are intended to provide care for the elderly or frail, identifying early on any assistance they need to make their life more comfortable and safe.
They are located throughout the Creuse : in Guéret, La Souterraine, Aubusson and Bourganeuf They are all attached to local hospitals.

Each UPSAV is composed of a team of specialist professionals including a doctor a geriatrician, a nurse coordinator, a psychologist and a social worker all with the remit to ensure people are given the opportunity to” age well “.The request of the person himself, or a close relative, the attending physician, a home help, or following a referral at hospital discharge, a meeting is held free of charge with the person and the geriatrician and a nurse coordinator.

The purpose of this meeting is to
- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the person.
- Make a global assessment on the person’s health including cognitive assessment (memory, coordination movements etc ...), nutritional assessment etc. to provide a balanced view.
- Inform and advise the elderly on identifying and preventing risks in their own home to help avoid unnecessary falls, to help facilitate the introduction of aids ( financial, human and technical) and removing hazards to maintain or improve the persons autonomy to ensure they can remain in their own home for as long as possible.
- Listen and accompany the person in the implementation of solutions to achieve the above.

These teams have an advisory role, and one of support, they are not there to replace the doctor or the existing networks but exist to enable an elderly person to remain in their own home as long as possible by drawing on their expertise in the field of geriatrics
Who can benefit from the services of UPSAV ?
- People aged over 75 years
- People over 65 years with multiple difficulties and health issues (multiple diseases Chronic diabetes-type, high blood pressure, heart problems, respiratory, memory disorders, Parkinson ...)

For more information please contact :

UPSAV de La Souterraine
Centre hospitalier Eugène Jamot
12 Avenue Pasteur
23300 La Souterraine
Tel : 05 55 89 58 90

Original article was written by Sandrine CLAVEYROLAS