The Municipal Council decided to make a special effort to improve the conditions of the communal roads this year in the commune particularly in and between, Le Bec, Breuil, La Bergeade, Berthonnerie, commarteau and Lascoux amongst others. This cost to the commune was in the region of € 63,000 excluding VAT. Due to the cost (24,000) the council have put on hold the repairs to the route to Bethonnerrie to Sagnemoussouse until 2015.

The second major construction work carried out was the heating and ventilation in the “salle de fete”. The main considerations were to reduce the electricity bills and also reduce the noise levels of the old ventilation system.

Following National and European legislation a study is taking place looking at all council buildings, starting with the school initially, to ensure the buildings comply in relation to accessibility for disabled people. This is an ongoing requirement and commitment by the council.