“A word from your Maire”  It has now been more than 9 months since your new councillors and I took over the administration of the commune of St Priest la Feuille. I wonder what it is that we have learnt from our first few months in office. One thing is the speed at which the months have gone by with regular meetings, record keeping and a reasonable amount of stress. Several questions have been raised including what will be the amount of funding available to us to continue the administration of the commune. As I write this, it’s clear that the present Government intends to reduce public debt by imposing financial constraints on local community spending, unfortunately forgeting the practical effort needed by municipal councils to keep on top of community needs. There is a conflict between the need to adhere to imposed financial constraints but still actively stimulate the economy and provide an economically viable environment for businesses to thrive. There will be questions asked as time goes on about the ability of your municipal council to meet all the diverse needs of its residents within given deadlines The new school timetables and term times represent a significant cost on the commune despite the aid provided by the Government. It’s unclear how long we will benefit from financial assistance from the Government. Despite these uncertainties we continue to move forward, in no small part due to the inherited financial situation left by the last Municipal council under the leadership of Gilles Neveu, which has given us the impetus to move on with an optimistic future. In 2014, we therefore worked to improve the heating / cooling of the salle des fêtes and restored a number of roads in the commune. We embarked on a study to access the accessibility for handicap and wheel chair users in the primary school and in conjunction with us the project team have comes back with several design changes to help us meet these legal requirements in the most cost effective way. The community has applied for a state grant to subsidise the cost by 60%. Hopefully this project should materialize around June / July 2015. We invite you to come and meet the members of the municipal council on Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 11 am in the town hall, please bring any suggestions or questions you may have. Its intended that this meeting will replace the traditional Public meeting and the meeting to welcome new residents